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Cause and Effect

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Push 'n Go Vehicles

Larger image

Push 'n Go Vehicles

These three vehicles really take off! Just push down on the driver's cap, release, and watch them speed away. This is a simple toy that is easy to activate. Big, chunky design is perfect for little fingers. Styles vary. 5"L x 5"H. From 18 months.

C691   Single (sorry, no choice of style)     $10.95   Add to cart
C239   Set of 3     $29.95   Add to cart
Press and Go Inchworm

Larger image

Press and Go Inchworm

Press down on the inchworm's back and watch him zoom across the floor. Wheels feature colorful moving beads. Easy to press and fun to watch! 12"L. From 9 months.

C763          $19.95   Add to cart
Visual-Tracking Ball Tower

Larger image

Visual-Tracking Ball Tower

The great thing about this toy is slow motion! Drop the balls through the tower opening and they magically move s-l-o-w-l-y down the tracks, giving the child time to visually track the motion. One of the five balls has a spinning mirror inside which makes an interesting visual effect as the ball rolls down. 20"L x 19"H x 10"D. From 9 months.

C253          $46.95   Add to cart
Magic Sound Blocks in a Tray

Larger image

Magic Sound Blocks in a Tray

Match the two halves of a picture on the wooden cubes inside the tray to create 6 different realistic sounds of vehicles or farm animals. The tray helps to position and align the blocks. Requires 2 AAA batteries. Blocks are 3". From 2 years.

C898   Farm Sound Blocks in a Tray     $14.95   Add to cart
C302   Vehicle Sound Blocks in a Tray     $14.95   Add to cart
Magic Sound Blocks Vehicles

Larger image

Magic Sound Blocks Vehicles

Match the two halves of the picture cube together to create 6 different realistic sounds of vehicles . Blocks are 3" cubes. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. From 2 years.

C071          $18.95   Add to cart
Wiggly Giggly Ball

Larger image

Wiggly Giggly Ball

Shake or roll this ball, and it will reward you with giggling, mewing sounds! Chasing the ball around is great gross-motor fun. No batteries required! Colors vary. 7"D. From 12 months.

G234          $23.95   Add to cart
One Man Band

Larger image

One Man Band

So many fun sounds to discover! A cheery little musician with a drumstick in one hand, a double-ended whistle in the other (makes 2 different sounds), and a tummy drum filled with beads. His head turns and makes a gentle ratchet sound, and his little hat is a bell. His legs also make a fun ratchet sound when moved from side to side. 8.5"H. From 12 months.

C094          $21.95   Add to cart
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