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Babies on Board

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Babies on Board

Babies love looking at other babies, and these charming baby faces - smiling, frowning, and being silly or serious - are sure to captivate and delight little ones. Babies shown represent many different cultures. 12 pages each, 5"x 5". Board Books.

V853   Set of 2     $11.95   Add to cart
Toddler Tools

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Toddler Tools

Daily routines can be a challenge for any toddler, as well as parents and caregivers. With upbeat rhymes and stimulating illustrations, these books offer a fresh look at the times and transitions that all toddlers face daily, giving young children the tools to handle routines with confidence and cooperation. Each book includes tips for parents and caregivers. 24 pages each, 7"x 7". Board books.
Set 1 Includes Naptime, Clean-Up Time, Listening Time & Bye-Bye Time. Set 2 Includes Mealtime, Sharing Time, Calm-Down Time & Manners Time.

V329   Set No. 1 (4 Books)     $29.95   Add to cart
V875   Set No. 2 (4 Books)     $29.95   Add to cart
Phonics Readers

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Phonics Readers

Each of these books features a phonics based text that is cleverly blended with a funny story. Even children who are not yet readers will enjoy listening to the stories with the rhyming text and colorful pictures. Children who have just learned to read can enjoy the lively stories by themselves. Some pages have fold-out flaps. 16 pages. 8" x 8". Paperback.

V624   Big Pig on a Dig     $6.99   Add to cart
V964   Fox on a Box     $6.99   Add to cart
V147   Croc Gets a Shock     $6.99   Add to cart
V701   Snail Brings the Mail     $6.99   Add to cart
V335   Bee Makes Tea     $6.99   Add to cart
V791   Underpants for Ants     $6.99   Add to cart
V569   Crow in the Snow     $6.99   Add to cart
V640   Cow Takes a Bow     $6.99   Add to cart
V692   Set of all 8     $49.95   Add to cart
Understanding Differences

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Understanding Differences

Increase awareness of and sensitivity toward people with disabilities. With full-color photographs and simple text, these books help children understand and appreciate those children who have special needs. 24 pages each. 6" x 7". Paperback.

V144   Some Kids Have Leg Braces     $5.95   Add to cart
V699   Some Kids Use Wheelchairs     $5.95   Add to cart
V164   Some Kids Are Blind     $5.95   Add to cart
V239   Some Kids Have Autism     $5.95   Add to cart
V154   Some Kids Are Deaf     $5.95   Add to cart
V372   Set of All 5     $29.75   Add to cart
Photoflaps Board Books

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Photoflaps Board Books

These interactive books have sturdy flaps that can be lifted to find the missing baby or to see what happens next. They are a lot of fun and a great way to get children engaged and interested in books.
Set 1 includes Where's the Baby, What Happens Next, and How Many. Set 2 includes Are You My Baby, Who Lives Here - Pets, and Who Lives Here - Forest. 12 pages each. 5" x 5". Board books.

V711   Set 1     $17.95   Add to cart
V914   Set 2     $17.95   Add to cart
Eric Carle Picture Board Books

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Eric Carle Picture Board Books

These wonderful books, all illustrated by Eric Carle, are children's literature classics. With rhythmic text, simple stories and vibrant illustrations, these books have delighted an entire generation of young readers. The Brown Bear and Polar Bear books show bold illustrations of many animals, The Very Hungry Caterpillar eats different kinds of food until he becomes a butterfly, and in the Busy Spider book children can touch and feel the spider's web on each page while meeting different animals. Board books.

V872   Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?     $7.95   Add to cart
V442   Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?     $7.95   Add to cart
V481   The Very Hungry Caterpillar     $10.99   Add to cart
V815   The Very Busy Spider     $11.99   Add to cart
V411   Set of all 4     $38.85   Add to cart
Let's Read About Our Bodies Books

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Let's Read About Our Bodies Books

This series of books gives young learners a look at different parts of the human body. Each title focuses on one specific body part or system. In addition to reviewing basic facts, readers learn about keeping their bodies clean and healthy. Full-color photos are ethnically diverse. From ticklish feet to braided hair, simple text and engaging photos make reading about the human body fun. 24 pages each, 7"x 7". Paperback.

V303   Set of 8 Books     $9.95  $24.95 Add to cart
Looking at Nature

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Looking at Nature

This series describes fundamental learning concepts, such as shape, color, pattern, texture, size, sequence, and location. What makes this series special is that all of the examples, shown in photographs, come from nature and foster a greater understanding of and interest in the natural world. Simple sentence structure and large color photos. 24 pages each. 8.5" x 9.5". Paperback.

V932   Is It Big or Small?     $6.95   Add to cart
V546   Is It the Same or Different?     $6.95   Add to cart
V986   Where Is It?     $6.95   Add to cart
V473   How Does It Move?     $6.95   Add to cart
V201   How Does It Look?     $6.95   Add to cart
V143   How Does It Feel?     $6.95   Add to cart
V908   Set of all 6     $39.95   Add to cart
Little Steps for Big Kids

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Little Steps for Big Kids

The sweet stories in this series help both parents and children as they take on the many steps, challenges, and changes that go hand in hand with little kids becoming big kids. With contemporary art and child-friendly stories, these books provide a fresh approach to growing up. (Books in the photo which are not listed below are out of print). 30 pages each. 7"x 8". Hardcover.

V166   I'm a New Big Brother     $4.95  $8.95 Add to cart
V407   First Day of School     $3.95  $8.95 Add to cart
Ballerina Dreams

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Ballerina Dreams

An inspiring true story of five little girls who overcame cerebral palsy and other severe physical limitations to achieve their dream of dancing ballet. Ballerina Dreams is the story of their first recital in front of family and friends, after months of hard work and dedication. This story will encourage children to focus on their potential and on working hard to make their dreams come true. 40 pages. 10.5" x 9.5". Hardcover.

V451          $4.95  $16.95 Add to cart
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