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Band in a Box

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Band in a Box

A 10-piece set that includes a variety of favorite musical instruments, all conveniently packaged in a sturdy wooden storage case. Perfect for home visits! Case is 15"x 11"x 3.5". From 3 years.

M375          $24.95   Add to cart
Toddler Beat Box Set

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Toddler Beat Box Set

Four different instruments that encourage creativity and help develop a sense of rhythm. Xylophone is 9.5"L. Tambourine is about 6"D. From 12 months.

M696   Set of 4     $39.95   Add to cart
Special Education Instrument Set

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Special Education Instrument Set

Create a band with this extensive set of rhythm instruments that offers something for everyone. Some instruments were adapted for children with special needs and have extra-large knobs that are easy to hold. From 3 years. Set of 20 includes:
• One Tom Tom with mallets
• One pair of 7" Brass Cymbals (large knob)
• One 7" Brass Cymbal with mallet (large knob)
• Two 6" Triangle Sets (large knob)
• Two pairs of Sand Blocks (large knob)
• One Tick Tock Block with mallet
• One Guiro Tone Block with mallet
• Three pairs of Rhythm Sticks (fluted & plain)
• One Mounted Bell set
• One Cluster Bells
• Two Loop Bells
• Two Velcro Wrist/Ankle Bells
• One Handle Castanet
• One 6" Headless Tambourine
• One instrument book
• One deluxe container

M377   Set of 20 pcs.     $159.95   Add to cart
Twirly Whirly

Larger image

Twirly Whirly

A simple turn of this fun toy creates a magical combination of sound and color that captivates children. Has 3 wheels that turn and mesmerize as the beads cascade through them. 12"L. From 2 years.

M523          $22.95   Add to cart
Jumbo Harmonica

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Jumbo Harmonica

A great first harmonica! Oversized, easy to hold and easy to play, this is the perfect instrument for young musicians. Pleasant tones are produced through uneven breathing patterns, which encourage music exploration and breathing practice. The molded plastic case protects the brass reeds. Features a 16-hole opening for a wide range of sounds. 5.5" X 2". From 3 years.

M601          $7.95  $14.95 Add to cart
First Tambourine

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First Tambourine

A unique, visually appealing shape with a comfortable grip for small hands. Light and durable, 4 pairs of steel jingles are under safe clear cover. Colors vary. 6.5"D. From 12 months.

M908   Single     $13.95   Add to cart
M104   Set of 4     $54.95   Add to cart

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Concertina is so easy to play! A slight stretch or push produces sound, so most kids will be successful Concertina players. This instrument makes only one sound, but kids love it. 9.5"L when extended. From 19 months.

M895          $24.95   Add to cart

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A unique set of 4 instruments designed in attractive colors with interesting shapes and sounds. Specially molded handles make it easy to get a firm grip. 4.5" long. From 6 months.

M404   Set of 4     $27.95   Add to cart
Ankle & Wrist Bells

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Ankle & Wrist Bells

Top quality bells with flexible Velcro attachment. The bells are sewn to the strap, making this product long-lasting for repeated use. Strap is 9" long. Colors vary. From 3 years.

M334   Pack of 2     $6.95   Add to cart
M400   Pack of 12     $39.95   Add to cart
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