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Greg & Steve: Songs for  Creative Movement

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Greg & Steve: Songs for Creative Movement

Just perfect for dancing and movement activities!
Jumpin' & Jammin' is the newest release from this popular duo. It has great songs for movement activities like Dance with Me, Inky Dinky Doo, I Had a Rooster, Jump and Jam, Dance with your Teddy Bear, and more.
Shake, Rattle & Rock is full of fun songs like the Barnyard Boogie, Shake Those Simmons Down, Limbo Rock, Stop and Go, Today is Monday, The Body Part Game and more.
In Kids in Motion songs are performed by Greg and Steve, The Temptations and others. You will find a wonderful collection of songs for movement like The Freeze, Animal Action, Beanbag Boogie, Body Talk, The Balancing Act and more.
Kids in Action has Greg and Steve performing fun songs for creative movement like the Conga Line, Goin' On A Bear Hunt, Can You Leap Like A Frog, Beautiful World and more.

Y923   Jumpin' & Jammin' - CD     $15.95   Add to cart
Y958   Kids in Motion - CD     $16.95   Add to cart
Y638   Kids in Action - CD     $15.95   Add to cart
Y143   Shake, Rattle & Rock - CD     $15.95   Add to cart
Y484   Set of all 4     $59.95   Add to cart
Raffi Music

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Raffi Music

Raffi needs no introduction. He is probably the most popular children's singer in the English-speaking world. His music is perfect for the very young: lyrics are simple and repetitive; the music is catchy and easy to follow. We selected some of his classic and more recent recordings. Available individually or enjoy the whole set.

Y485   Singable Songs for the Very Young - CD     $16.95   Add to cart
Y400   More Singable Songs for the Very Young - CD     $16.95   Add to cart
Y626   Let's Play - CD     $16.95   Add to cart
Y419   One Light One Sun - CD     $16.95   Add to cart
Y593   Baby Beluga - CD     $16.95   Add to cart
Y019   Raffi - Set of 5 CDs     $79.95   Add to cart
Singing Sounds & Singing Words

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Singing Sounds & Singing Words

Cathy Bollinger, award-winning children's singer and songwriter, together with a speech pathologist and a parent, have created these delightful collections of songs for developing language and for learning early speech sounds. "Singing Sounds" magically transforms letter sounds that may be difficult for children to learn into a fun sing-a-long activity. By breaking the words into sounds and syllables, songs such as "Bobby Baker's Band", "Stuart the Snake", and "Leo the Lazy Lion" help children form the correct speech sounds. In "Singing Words", the songs target areas in language that are difficult for children to learn, such as "wh" questions, pronouns and prepositions. Both titles are for children ages 2-7.

Y635   Singing Sounds - CD     $19.95   Add to cart
Y644   Singing Words - CD     $19.95   Add to cart
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