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Make Play R.O.C.K. Booklets
Make Play R.O.C.K. Booklets
Young children with autism frequently have difficulty learning to play. Their play may be less flexible or creative than that of other children, and it may rarely involve other people. This great booklet series gives parents and others practical, research-based strategies for expanding children's' play skills. You'll learn powerful ways to get involved in the child's play and help him learn while having fun together. R.O.C.K. stands for Repeat, Opportunity, Cue, Keep it going and keep it fun!
The series includes 3 booklets: Plan for People Play offers simple ideas for building a child's communication skills during "people games." Take Out the Toys focuses on expanding a child's "functional" play like putting shapes into a sorter or building a tower with blocks. Put Pretending into Your Child's Play focuses on helping children expand their pretend play skills during fun, everyday play activities.
L256   Set of 3 Books     $47.95   Add to cart

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