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Chewable Armbands
Chewable Armbands
Two great armbands for those children who frequently have a desire to chew or grind, and seek both tactile and oral stimulation. Both armbands are constructed from an FDA approved material which is safe for oral use. The top of the Tactile Tiger Armband has a raised surface in the shape of a tiger. The top of the Senso-Band Armband has a raised pattern of dots and lines. Great for children who use tactile stimulation for calming or self regulation. These wearable hand fidgets can offer instant calming to children in stressful situations. By simply engaging fingers across the top of the textures, these armbands can increase concentration and reduce stress. BP, Latex, and Phthalate free. Dishwasher safe top rack. Approx. 2"W. From 3 years.
T161   Tactile Tiger - Red     $9.95   Add to cart
T855   Tactile Tiger - Blue     $9.95   Add to cart
T511   Tactile Tiger - Yellow     $9.95   Add to cart
T891   Tactile Tiger - Green     $9.95   Add to cart
T260   Tactile Tiger - Set of all 4 colors     $38.95   Add to cart
T979   Senso Band - Red     $9.95   Add to cart
T531   Senso Band - Blue     $9.95   Add to cart
T747   Senso Band - Yellow     $9.95   Add to cart
T825   Senso Band - Green     $9.95   Add to cart
T293   Senso Band - Set of all 4 colors     $38.95   Add to cart

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