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Class Action
Class Action
The new 5-in-1 motivational tool that's so easy to use! Adds fun to every classroom! For all ages, Class Action's 5 intuitive modes have endless applications in every classroom. You and your students will think up countless new ways to use it every day! Uses 3 "C" batteries. (Battery life in typical classroom operation is 6 months- 2 years, but varies according to usage.) The 5 modes are:
SCORE - Keeps score for two teams or players. Just press the button to award points-rewards winners with a dazzling sound and light show!
DICE - Press the button to "roll the dice" and determine how many points the question is worth or who goes first.
SPIN - Flashing lights chase rapidly round and round "wheel of fortune" style, then slower and slowerr until they stop on the chosen one!
FLIP - A virtual coin toss at the touch of a button.
SFX - Reward and raspberry sound effects on demand!
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