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Chew Stixx Original

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Chew Stixx Original

A durable oral-motor device with multiple textures! The different textures of this X-shaped product make it appealing for children who crave sensory input. It can assist children who are over sensitive to the changing textures of food. Designed by therapists. All materials and colors are FDA approved. Latex and PVC free. Dishwasher safe. 4.5"L. Colors may vary. Use with adult supervision.

T666   Single     $7.95   Add to cart
T552   Pack of 12     $89.95   Add to cart
Chew Stixx Tough Bar

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Chew Stixx Tough Bar

An extra tough oral-motor device that was designed to stand up to extreme oral grinding and chewing when other devices fail. The chunky, easy-to-hold rectangle is 0.5" thick and has one end with raised bumps and one smooth end. All materials and colors are FDA approved. Latex and PVC free. Dishwasher safe. 4.5"L x 1"W. Colors may vary. Use with adult supervision.

T989   Single     $8.50   Add to cart
T516   Pack of 12     $94.95   Add to cart
Chew Stixx Junior

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Chew Stixx Junior

A "pocket-size" version of the Original Chew Stixx. One end has raised bumps and the other end is smooth. All materials and colors are FDA approved. Latex and PVC free. Dishwasher safe. 4.5"L. Colors may vary. Use with adult supervision.

T028   Single     $7.95   Add to cart
T829   Pack of 12     $89.95   Add to cart
Chew Stixx Grip Stixx

Larger image

Chew Stixx Grip Stixx

Grip Stixx features two different textures to chew on. The textures of this product were designed by therapists to simulate the ever changing textures of food, therefore assisting with children who have sensory issues when certain textures are placed in their mouth. Due to the alternating textures of this product, it is an excellent chewable hand fidget for children craving sensory input. All materials and colors are FDA approved. Latex and PVC free. 6"L. Use with adult supervision.

T105   Single     $8.50   Add to cart
T663   Pack of 12     $94.95   Add to cart
Chew Noodles

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Chew Noodles

Made of non-toxic FDA-approved silicone, the Chewnoodle is a practical and convenient oral tool that aids in chewing self-regulation and in strengthening jaw muscle. The tubes are 8" long and 1/2" thick. They are attached to a lightweight aluminum carabiner that can be clipped onto a shirt, belt loop, or strap for easy access and to reduce the risk of being dropped or lost. There are 4 different Chewnoodles to choose from: The Basic is a smooth, white, hollow tube. The Bumpy (red or blue) are hollow and have texture dots for sensory seekers. Super has a bumpy texture and is for more aggressive chewers (the tube is solid, not hollow). To discourage chewing on the metal components, attach the carabiner high on user's clothing. From 3 years. Use with adult supervision.
WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

T878   Basic Chewnoodle     $10.95   Add to cart
T896   Super Chewnoodle     $16.95   Add to cart
T261   Bumpy Red Chewnoodle     $13.95   Add to cart
T751   Bumpy Blue Chewnoodle     $13.95   Add to cart
T140   Set of all 4     $52.95   Add to cart
Chewable Armbands

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Chewable Armbands

Two great armbands for those children who frequently have a desire to chew or grind, and seek both tactile and oral stimulation. Both armbands are constructed from an FDA approved material which is safe for oral use. The top of the Tactile Tiger Armband has a raised surface in the shape of a tiger. The top of the Senso-Band Armband has a raised pattern of dots and lines. Great for children who use tactile stimulation for calming or self regulation. These wearable hand fidgets can offer instant calming to children in stressful situations. By simply engaging fingers across the top of the textures, these armbands can increase concentration and reduce stress. BP, Latex, and Phthalate free. Dishwasher safe top rack. Approx. 2"W. From 3 years.

T161   Tactile Tiger - Red     $9.95   Add to cart
T855   Tactile Tiger - Blue     $9.95   Add to cart
T511   Tactile Tiger - Yellow     $9.95   Add to cart
T891   Tactile Tiger - Green     $9.95   Add to cart
T260   Tactile Tiger - Set of all 4 colors     $38.95   Add to cart
T979   Senso Band - Red     $9.95   Add to cart
T531   Senso Band - Blue     $9.95   Add to cart
T747   Senso Band - Yellow     $9.95   Add to cart
T825   Senso Band - Green     $9.95   Add to cart
T293   Senso Band - Set of all 4 colors     $38.95   Add to cart
First Mouth Exercisers

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First Mouth Exercisers

From the makers of Chewy Tubes come these innovative teethers that were specifically designed for introducing babies to their first mouthing and teething experiences. Teething on these Mouth Exercisers leaves the mouth open for breathing and sound play. All four styles are easily grasped by little fingers. All are made in the USA, and are free of latex, lead, BPA, PVC and phthalates. Use with adult supervision. Check periodically and replace any product that shows signs of wear.
Chewy Q (orange): The smooth and flexible chewing surface of this teether is perfect for baby's new gums. It is approximately 3"D and 0.5" thick. For babies 4-24 months.
Knobby Q (red): Offers a flexible bumpy bitable surface, perfect for getting new teeth ready for chewable foods. This teether is covered with knobs to add just the right amount of sensory input to the teething experience. Great for practicing biting and chewing skills. It is approximately 3"D and 0.5" thick. For babies 6-24 months.
Mini Chew smooth (yellow): Like the Chewy Q, this teether has a smooth and flexible handle and stem, making it perfect for baby's new gums. The differences between the two are the colors and the shape of the handle. Approximately 2.5"W and 2.75"L. For babies 4-24 months.
Mini Chew Knobby (green): The stem of this teether offers a flexible bumpy bitable surface, perfect for getting new teeth ready for chewable foods. Approximately 2.5"W and 2.75"L. For babies 6-24 months Caution: Use only with adult supervision.

T222   Chewy Q (Orange)     $6.25   Add to cart
T574   Knobby Q (Red)     $6.25   Add to cart
T828   Mini Chew Smooth (Yellow)     $6.25   Add to cart
T577   Mini Chew Knobby (Green)     $6.25   Add to cart
T743   Set of all 4     $24.95   Add to cart
T176   Pack of 12 - 6 Chewy Q & 6 Knobby-Q     $73.95   Add to cart
T460   Pack of 12 Mini Chews - 6 Smooth & 6 Knobby     $73.95   Add to cart
Flexi Cut Cups

Larger image

Flexi Cut Cups

The unique cut-out design of these flexible plastic cups promotes drinking without neck extension. The liquid can be seen through the translucent plastic. The cups can be gently squeezed to change the shape of the cup lip. Top rack dishwasher safe.

T276   1oz. Cups (Pack of 5)     $9.95   Add to cart
T287   2oz. Cups (Pack of 5)     $10.95   Add to cart
T298   7oz. Cups (Pack of 5)     $13.95   Add to cart
Little Spill Cup

Larger image

Little Spill Cup

The special design of the lid ensures an easy flow of fluid when drinking, and prevents excessive spillage if the cup is tipped over. A great cup for children transitioning from bottle to cup drinking. Dishwasher safe. 4"tall.

T353          $8.95   Add to cart
Mr. Juice Bear

Larger image

Mr. Juice Bear

Success with an oral motor friend! Working on the suck-swallow-breathe process? Teaching straw drinking? Do you have a child with low oral tone and speech delays? This adorable straw bear may just be the tool for you. Gentle pressure to the bear's belly puts liquids in just the right place to initiate sucking. No more neck hyperextension! Tried and true method used for decades. It's a loveable, everyday cup too. Holds 5 oz. Comes with 3 straws made from strong tubing that is bite-resistant and difficult to crush.

T216   Single     $11.95   Add to cart
T401   Pack of 5     $57.95   Add to cart
Infa-Trainer Cup

Larger image

Infa-Trainer Cup

The exclusive lip design of this cup, without spouts, is perfect for developing the necessary skills for the transition from sucking on a bottle or sippy-cup to drinking. Adjustable-flow top lets you control the flow rate so that the child can adjust gradually to the new sensation of drinking. The narrow, 3 oz. cup, is easy for children to hold. The unique design of this cup prevents spills. Engraved measurements on the cup let you see exactly how much the child drinks. Microwave safe, and top-rack dishwasher safe. 5"H.

T092          $11.95   Add to cart
Weighted-Base Cup

Larger image

Weighted-Base Cup

Two-handled cup with weighted base and rounded corners, ideal for pediatric use. It is self-righting, even when released from a lying position. It comes with two clear plastic lids: one lid has a molded mouthpiece, the other is dish-shaped with two holes to let fluid flow into the dish for drinking. The dish-shaped lid is great for children transitioning from bottle to cup drinking. Holds 6.5 oz.

T375          $9.95   Add to cart
Reflo Smart Cups

Larger image

Reflo Smart Cups

A smart alternative to sippy cups and a great transitional tool for children to learn to drink from an open cup. The Reflo Cup is an open cup with a unique flow control insert that slows and redirects liquid to a child's mouth anywhere along the cup's rim and at virtually any angle. No buttons or other complicated mechanisms to operate and no worries of big spills! BPA-free, phthalate-free and dishwasher safe. Holds up to 6 oz. of pulp-free beverage (10 oz. without the insert). 5" tall.

T918   Blue Cup     $6.95   Add to cart
T700   Green Cup     $6.95   Add to cart
T368   Red Violet Cup     $6.95   Add to cart
T237   Clear Cup     $6.95   Add to cart
T720   Set of all 4     $24.95   Add to cart
Wow Cups

Larger image

Wow Cups

The Wow Cup is spill free and hassle free! Babies and kids drink through gentle sucking without the need to press buttons, move levers, or sip on straws and spouts. The 360 degrees Uni-Flow drinking edge allows the child to just pick up the cup and drink anywhere along the rim. When done drinking, the valve automatically seals itself. Since there are no spouts and straws, the patented drinking edge helps toddlers develop the oral-motor coordination required for transitioning to a regular open rim cup sooner without spilling the contents. These cups also assist in the prevention of potential Orthodontia issues due to long term sucking on spouts. A lid is included with each cup to keep the drinking edge clean when storing. The Wow Cups are 100% BPA and PVC free, and are made from food safe materials. The drinking edge is made of silicone. Dishwasher safe.
The Wow Baby cup is for babies starting at 9 months old. The handles are sturdy and easy-to-hold. The cup holds 7 oz. and is 4"H. The Wow Kids cup is for toddlers starting at 12 months and for kids of all ages. It uses the same patented lid technology as the Wow Baby cups, but it is meant to act and feel more like a regular household open cup. It's big enough to be used by older children without it feeling and looking like a baby cup. Holds 9 oz., 5"H.

T040   Wow Baby Cup - Single (Sorry, no choice of color)     $9.95   Add to cart
T649   Wow Baby Cup - Set of 4 (Different colors)     $38.95   Add to cart
T818   Wow Cup for Kids - Single (Sorry, no choice of color)     $9.95   Add to cart
T282   Wow Cup for Kids - Set of 4 (Different colors)     $38.95   Add to cart
Sip-Tip Cup

Larger image

Sip-Tip Cup

The Sip-Tip makes drinking from a straw easier! Place the valve in the bottom of the straw and press down on the vent hole in the lid. The pressure pumps the liquid from the cup into the straw, and the valve keeps it there until the child drinks it. Children can drink with less effort and more control of the liquid flow. Easy to use! The 8 oz. cup is made of rigid plastic. The lid snaps on securely to prevent spills. The Sip-Tip Cup works with most drinking straws. The valve, cup and lid are dishwasher safe. Extra valves are available. Use with adult supervision. Caution: Use only with adult supervision.

T311   Sip-Tip Cup with 10 Straws & 1 Valve     $17.95   Add to cart
T867   Extra Valves - Pack of 3     $6.50   Add to cart
Lip Bloks

Larger image

Lip Bloks

Place the long end of a Lip Blok inside the upper end of a straw, and it discourages a child from biting the straw or thrusting the tongue. It also corrects tongue position and prevents the straw from going too deep inside the mouth. The Hard Lip Bloks fit into most regular straws and come in three different mouthpiece lengths - 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4". The Flexible Lip Bloks, available in orange and magenta colors, come in one size of 3/4" and can be cut to adjust the length of the mouthpiece. The flexible Lip Bloks fit into most regular drinking straws. Lip Bloks measure 2" from top to bottom. They are constructed of medical grade materials that are FDA compliant and contain no PVC or latex. Colors may vary. Use only with adult supervision.

T239   Set of 5 (one of each)     $19.95   Add to cart
T148   Hard, 3/4" (3 Pack)     $17.95   Add to cart
T522   Hard, 1/2" (3 Pack)     $17.95   Add to cart
T658   Hard, 1/4" (3 Pack)     $17.95   Add to cart
T725   Flexible (2 Pack)     $12.95   Add to cart

Larger image


The Grabber, Grabber XT, and the Baby Grabber were developed by a speech-language pathologist to encourage jaw movement, tongue movement, and oral exploration. The handle is easy for little hands to hold and manipulate. Material and color are FDA compliant and contain no latex. Grabber XT is extra tough, for those individuals who need to exert lots of jaw pressure. It is constructed of a firmer material, but remains chewy and resilient. 5"L. Baby Grabber is shorter (4"L), and was designed to calm and soothe infants who are in the developmental stages of mouthing. For infants with hypersensitivity, the Baby Grabber provides a positive oral experience. Use all Grabbers with adult supervision. Caution: Use only with adult supervision.

T074   Grabber     $7.95   Add to cart
T808   Grabber - Pack of 10     $74.95   Add to cart
T943   Grabber XT     $7.95   Add to cart
T383   Grabber XT - Pack of 10     $74.95   Add to cart
T233   Baby Grabber     $7.95   Add to cart
T692   Baby Grabber - Pack of 10     $74.95   Add to cart
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