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How Do You Feel? - A Facial Expression Puzzle Game

Larger image

How Do You Feel? - A Facial Expression Puzzle Game

A fun game that increases visual discrimination skills, and provides opportunities for discussing different facial expressions and emotions. Each player picks one of 5 game boards, each showing a child with a different facial expression. Players draw cards and decide if the facial feature on their card matches the face on their game board. The first child to complete their facial expression is the winner. Contains 5 facial expressions game boards (5"sq.) and 30 game cards (1.5" x 2"). For 1-5 players. From 3 years.

M479          $9.95   Add to cart
''Learning to Get Along'' Series No. 1

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"Learning to Get Along" Series No. 1

This excellent character education series helps children learn, understand, and practice basic social and emotional skills. Real-life situations, lots of diversity, and concrete examples make these read-aloud books appropriate for childcare settings, schools, and the home. Each book focuses on a specific skill and ends with ideas for reinforcing what the children have learned. Each book is 40 pages, 9"x 9", paperback. (note: see also Series No. 2 and related software below).

M691   Listen and Learn     $10.95   Add to cart
M679   Share and Take Turns     $10.95   Add to cart
M765   Talk and Work It Out     $10.95   Add to cart
M568   Respect and Take Care of Things     $10.95   Add to cart
M981   Know and Follow Rules     $10.95   Add to cart
M057   Try and Stick with It     $10.95   Add to cart
M174   Be Polite and Kind     $10.95   Add to cart
M883   Join In and Play     $10.95   Add to cart
M474   Understand and Care     $10.95   Add to cart
M067   When I Feel Afraid     $10.95   Add to cart
M942   Set of all 10     $104.95   Add to cart
Learning to Get Along Software

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Learning to Get Along Software

Praised by parents and embraced by educators, the complete Learning to Get Along series of books is now available in one kid-friendly software package. This social skill and character education program features 14 well-written, attractively illustrated stories that consistently model positive behaviors. Children follow along or read on their own any one of the books, using a special highlight feature to click and hear word definitions. A sequence of engaging, interactive questions follows each book. Reading is at a nice, slow tempo, but not so slow that a child loses interest. Teachers can choose which books to make available to each child, manage audio features, and track students' progress. Test results are stored for teacher review in individual student files. Designed for classroom use, yet equally useful at home. Touch screen and single switch compatible. Software works on Windows XP or higher, and on Mac OS 10.5 or higher.

M204          $39.95  $99.95 Add to cart
Social Skills Matter!

Larger image

Social Skills Matter!

Teach essential social skills in a fun and interactive way! This book includes 84 reproducible mini-books for children to assemble, color, read and make their own. Each mini-book measures 8.5"x 5.5" and focuses on a different facet of 6 important social skills including cooperative play, learning about feelings, communication, school-day behavior, manners and behavior management. Help children learn how to communicate effectively, make good choices and practice appropriate behavior with "Social Skills Matter!" 384 pages. For grades PK-2.

M619          $27.95   Add to cart
''How Am I Feeling?'' Hand Puppets

Larger image

"How Am I Feeling?" Hand Puppets

These puppets have detailed expressions to help children learn about and express their feelings of happiness, sadness, fear, anger, and embarrassment. Comfortably fit child or adult hands. 11"H x 5.5"W. Each set includes 5 dolls.

M078   Caucasian Puppets - Set of 5     $34.95   Add to cart
M818   African-American Puppets - Set of 5     $34.95   Add to cart
Know Your Emotions Books

Larger image

Know Your Emotions Books

Help children learn to recognize different emotions and the facial expressions and body language that go with them. Large, diverse photos illustrate situations familiar to kids. Set of 4 books includes Happy, Scared, Sad, and Angry. Each book is 24 pages, 10"x 9". Paperback.

M801   Set of 4 Books     $29.95   Add to cart
My Turn, Your Turn - Music CD (Songs for Building Social Skills)

Larger image

My Turn, Your Turn - Music CD (Songs for Building Social Skills)

From award-winning singer-songwriter Cathy Bollinger comes this unique CD. It is filled with singable songs that gently address the needs of children who find social interaction confusing or challenging. Using descriptive, social story-like phrases to talk about concrete situations, My Turn Your Turn sings children through the tricky territory of engaging with others. Songs touch on empathy, asking for help, handling anger, and other daily social skills. With music that makes lessons fun to learn, Bollinger, a trained music therapist, breaks common everyday interactions down into simpler and more understandable activities. Includes 14 songs, such as People Like it When I Say Hi, Can I Play Too, Sometimes I Feel Angry, I Can Say Excuse Me, and more.

M582          $16.95   Add to cart

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A storybook and set of 6 expressive wooden eggs offer a role-playing activity to help children identify their feelings. Humpty's cousins are invited to a party but they need a plan to get over the castle wall. By sharing their feelings and working together, they find a happy solution. Children read the storybook and role-play with the six egg-shaped friends that express happy, sad, angry, excited, afraid, and shy. They can help find a way to solve Humpty's cousins problem and use the unique egg stands to build towers and tell stories. Eggs can also be used alone as props for discussing emotions in other contexts or activities. Includes 6 wooden eggs, 6 rubber egg stands, and an illustrated book. Each egg is 1.75". From 2 years.

M281          $24.95   Add to cart
Success Stories: Customized Printable E-Books

Larger image

Success Stories: Customized Printable E-Books

Create personalized stories for everyone in your class, caseload, or family. A one-year subscription will allow you to print an unlimited number of copies for as many different children as you want, for a whole year! Success Stories are personalizable children's books that were developed by a collaborative team of therapists and educators.
Customize the illustrations to the child's appearance based on gender, hair style and color, eye color, skin tone, glasses, and method of communication (e.g. sign language, words, communication device). Alter the text to personalize the story's content. For example, in the story "Feeling Angry" you can include specific situations that make a particular child angry, and describe the strategy that you would like the child to use to deal with his or her anger. Our collection of children's stories addresses emotional, social, and communication skills to foster character development.
When you purchase a subscription you will receive a certificate with an access code and simple instructions on how to print the books from the internet. Books are about 13 pages long and can be printed in color or in a coloring book format. These fun and engaging personalized books make every child feel special!
(see example here)
Each set is a one-year subscription for 3 books!
You must have an internet connection and printer to customize and print the books.

V703   Feelings Set 1     $26.95   Add to cart
V321   Feelings Set 2     $26.95   Add to cart
V968   Social Skills Set 1     $26.95   Add to cart
V866   Social Skills Set 2     $26.95   Add to cart
V539   Communication Set 1     $26.95   Add to cart
V322   Daily Routines Set 1     $26.95   Add to cart
V092   Set of all 6     $149.95   Add to cart
Now I Get It! Social Story Books

Larger image

Now I Get It! Social Story Books

Wonderful social stories to help children navigate social rules and effectively deal with social situations. Social stories set clear expectations of possible events and teach children correct and appropriate responses. The books cover issues that most children on the autism spectrum struggle with. Each page has a clear, colorful illustration with a short sentence or two. Comprehension questions at the end of each story help with reinforcement and understanding. Each book has 20 pages and includes 2 stories.

M440   Getting Ready for School / for Bed     $9.95   Add to cart
M181   I Don't Understand/Getting Help     $9.95   Add to cart
M674   Playing with a Friend/Winning & Losing     $9.95   Add to cart
M800   The Playground/The Beach     $9.95   Add to cart
M054   Saying "Excuse Me"/Please & Thank you     $9.95   Add to cart
M537   Getting Angry/Sharing     $9.95   Add to cart
M712   Answering Questions/Saying "Hi" & "Bye"     $9.95   Add to cart
M075   The Restaurant/The Movies     $9.95   Add to cart
M768   Fire Drills/Assembly     $9.95   Add to cart
M558   Talking About My Day/When Things Change     $9.95   Add to cart
M310   Set of all 10     $94.95   Add to cart
What's That Look on Your Face?

Larger image

What's That Look on Your Face?

. Recognizing and interpreting facial expressions and the feelings they represent is important for successful interactions with others. This imaginative book presents the meaning of twelve basic emotions by describing situations young readers can relate to. Each feeling is illustrated with an exaggerated facial expression in full color against a background that provides details for children to explore about why the person may be feeling the way they do. In addition, a short poem further elaborates on the expression to reinforce its meaning. 36 pages, 11" x 9", hardcover.

M421          $18.95   Add to cart
Facial Expressions and Emotions Photo Cards

Larger image

Facial Expressions and Emotions Photo Cards

Clear photos of children demonstrating a wide variety of emotions and facial expressions. These photos are great discussion and story starters to develop expressive language skills. They help teach children to recognize feelings in others, describe their own feelings, and demonstrate empathy. The Facial Expressions set includes 45 cards, each 4"x 5.5". The Emotions set includes 22 cards, each 8.5"x 5.5". The More Emotions set includes 24 cards, each 8.5"x 5.5".

M208   Facial Expressions Photo Cards     $10.95   Add to cart
M657   Emotions Photo Cards     $10.95   Add to cart
M750   More Emotions Photo Cards     $10.95   Add to cart
M449   Set of all 3     $29.95   Add to cart
More Than Words: Helping Parents Promote Communication & Social Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Larger image

More Than Words: Helping Parents Promote Communication & Social Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

A step-by-step guide for parents of preschool children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other social communication difficulties. Each chapter is divided into four color-coded stages of communication - ranging from children who are not talking to those who can carry on short conversations - making it easy for parents to find information that is just right for their child. Full of practical ideas and colorful illustrations, this book shows parents how they can turn everyday activities into opportunities for promoting interaction and communication skills.
• Contents: Get to know more about your child's communication, Set goals by using your knowledge about your child, Follow your child's lead, Take turns together, Make the connection with people games, Help your child understand what you say, Use visual helpers, Daily routines: repeat, take turns, cue and keep it fun, Make the most of music, Bring on the books, Take out the toys, Let's make friends.
• A Hanen Center book. Written by Fern Sussman, Speech-Language Pathologist. Paperback, 424 pages, 2001.
• The DVD acts as a companion to the guidebook. With delightful real-life examples of children from 18 months to 5 years, this DVD makes it possible for the viewer to immediately apply the strategies that are so clearly demonstrated within daily routines and activities. For easy access, each chapter is divided into strategies according to the child's stage of communication development. Running time 5 hours, 2008.

W745   Book     $53.95   Add to cart
W720   DVD     $54.95   Add to cart
Feelings Color Cards

Larger image

Feelings Color Cards

The large format of these cards makes them ideal for groups and circle time! Clear photos of situations to which kids easily relate can be used to spark all kinds of conversations about body language, considering the feelings of other people, handling conflict, recognizing the differences between negative and positive emotions, and learn how to appropriately express one's own feelings. The helpful instruction booklet offers many suggestions for how to use the cards. Includes 48 cards, 12" x 8".

M555          $69.95   Add to cart
Character Values Books

Larger image

Character Values Books

Provide young learners with everyday examples of positive values. With direct text and bright photographs, these books engage children learning character values. Set of 8 books includes: Caring, Respectful, Friendly, Responsible, Cooperative, Generous, Honest, and Tolerant. Paperback, each 24 pages, 6" x 7".

M496   Set of 8     $49.95   Add to cart
Photo-Scenario ''Best Behavior'' Books

Larger image

Photo-Scenario "Best Behavior" Books

Set young readers on a solid path to personal, social, and emotional development. Scenario-based, color photographs help readers identify healthy, suitable responses for common social situations, and see themselves as both the giver and the receiver in those situations. Each narrative of simple text helps young learners understand the roles they must play in order to have successful interactions with others. Each book includes 2-3 short stories that demonstrate a similar social situation. The stories also include questions throughout the text about how the characters feel or how they should act, creating great opportunities for discussion and problem-solving. The texts are brief and simple, and the full-color photo on every page is large and bright. Great books both for individual reading and the classroom setting. 32 pages each. 8"x8". Paperback.

V700   Set 1 (6 Books)     $52.95   Add to cart
V098   Set 2 (6 Books)     $52.95   Add to cart
V645   Set 3 (6 Books)     $52.95   Add to cart
V189   Set of all 18 Books     $157.95   Add to cart
Illustrated ''Best Behavior'' Board Book Series: For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Larger image

Illustrated "Best Behavior" Board Book Series: For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Simple words and delightful full-color illustrations guide children to choose peaceful, positive behavior. The books emphasize all the good things you can do with your hands, feet, teeth, etc. They deliver the message that everyone is capable of positive, loving actions. Bright, inviting, durable board books that teach important concepts in ways even very young children can understand. Each book also includes helpful hints for parents and caregivers. Each book is 24 pages, 7" x 7". Board books.

M194   Germs Are Not for Sharing     $7.95   Add to cart
M947   Hands Are Not for Hitting     $7.95   Add to cart
M482   Tails Are Not for Pulling     $7.95   Add to cart
M466   Words Are Not for Hurting     $7.95   Add to cart
M392   Pacifiers Are Not Forever     $7.95   Add to cart
M414   Diapers Are Not Forever     $7.95   Add to cart
M534   Teeth Are Not for Biting     $7.95   Add to cart
M409   Feet Are Not For Kicking     $7.95   Add to cart
M724   Set of All 8     $59.95   Add to cart
Social Stories by Carol Gray (DVD, Book & CD)

Larger image

Social Stories by Carol Gray (DVD, Book & CD)

The concept of Social Stories for children with autism has gained popularity in recent years. Carol Gray initiated and developed the use of Social Stories in 1991. She has 20 years of experience educating students with autistic spectrum disorders.
• Social Stories are used primarily to teach children with autism how to respond appropriately to a given situation. These stories are short, positive narratives that describe specific situations such as when to say thank you, how to give a hug, sharing toys, washing hands etc. They are also used to describe classroom routines, or variations in that routine (e.g. fire drill).
• Social Stories can be written by therapists, teachers, parents - anyone working or living with a child with an autistic spectrum disorder. These stories often include information that helps autistic children understand other people's feelings and thoughts. They require parents and professionals to consider a situation from the perspective of the child with autism, and to identify and share information that may be missing through use of the story.
• "Writing Social Stories" is an actual Carol Gray workshop. In this three-hour presentation she explains the genesis for her concept and leads the audience through exercises during which they can write their own Social Stories. If you plan a group viewing, we recommend ordering additional copies of the workbook so that each participant can have their own copy and have the best learning experience.
• "The New Social Story Book" includes over 150 actual stories in different areas such as social skills, personal care, cooking and mealtime routines, helping around the house and more. Includes a detailed chapter on how to write Social Stories. Comes with a CD containing each Social Story in ready-to-print PDFs and easy-to-edit Word files!

W085   Writing Social Stories with Carol Gray - DVD & workbook     $49.95   Add to cart
W096   Additional individual copies of the workbook     $7.95   Add to cart
W107   The New Social Story Book & CD     $39.95   Add to cart
W118   Set of DVD, Workbook, The New Social Story Book & CD     $84.95   Add to cart
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