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Chunky Wood Puzzles

Larger image

Chunky Wood Puzzles

These hand-painted, colorful puzzles are like nothing you've seen before! The thick, chunky wooden pieces fit neatly into their spots on the board. They are easy to remove and put in. The pieces also stand up on their own for pretend play fun! Full color pictures beneath each piece. 12"x 9". From 2 years.

P366   Chunky Pets, 7 pcs.     $10.95   Add to cart
P321   Chunky Farm, 8 pcs.     $10.95   Add to cart
P694   Chunky Vehicles, 9 pcs.     $10.95   Add to cart
P406   Chunky Shapes, 8 pcs.     $10.95   Add to cart
P160   Chunky Safari, 8 pcs.     $10.95   Add to cart
P947   Chunky Tools, 7 pcs.     $10.95   Add to cart
P562   Set of all 6     $59.95   Add to cart
First Jumbo-Knob Puzzles

Larger image

First Jumbo-Knob Puzzles

Five jumbo-sized, solid-wood puzzles with extra-chunky 1/2" thick pieces. Extra large knobs make it easy for small hands to remove pieces. Each brightly-colored piece has a matching full-color picture underneath. Great first puzzles. Each measures 12" x 12". From 12 months.

P853   First Shapes (5 pcs.)     $11.95   Add to cart
P150   Pets (3 pcs.)     $11.95   Add to cart
P268   Fish Bowl (3 pcs.)     $11.95   Add to cart
P768   Jungle Friends (3 pcs.)     $11.95   Add to cart
P141   Barnyard Animals (3 pcs.)     $11.95   Add to cart
P197   Set of all 5     $54.95   Add to cart
Large Jumbo-Knob Puzzles

Larger image

Large Jumbo-Knob Puzzles

Solid-wood puzzles with extra-chunky 1/2" thick pieces and extra-large knobs. 16" x 12". From 12 months.

P165   Fruit Basket (8 pcs.)     $19.95   Add to cart
P460   Vehicles (8 pcs.)     $19.95   Add to cart
P573   Farm (8 pcs.)     $19.95   Add to cart
P484   Shapes (8 pcs.)     $19.95   Add to cart
P225   Set of 4     $78.95   Add to cart
Puzzles with Sounds

Larger image

Puzzles with Sounds

Simply wonderful! These unique peg puzzles make sounds when each puzzle piece is put in the correct place. The realistic, clear, and fun sounds are a great reward for the child when the pieces are fit in correctly. Requires 2 AAA batteries. Each measures 12"x9". From 2 years.

P162   Farm Sounds Puzzle     $14.95   Add to cart
P035   Vehicles Sounds Puzzle     $14.95   Add to cart
P771   Musical Instrument Sounds Puzzle     $14.95   Add to cart
P275   Pet Sounds Puzzle     $14.95   Add to cart
P059   Zoo Sounds Puzzle     $14.95   Add to cart
P265   Shapes Out Loud Puzzle     $14.95   Add to cart
P496   Set of all 6     $84.95   Add to cart
Magnetic Game Puzzles

Larger image

Magnetic Game Puzzles

Catch a fish or a bug, or tow a car! Each of these fun games has a magnet attached to a rod. Capture the wooden puzzle pieces with the magnet to remove them from the game board. These interactive games develop dexterity and improve eye-hand coordination and visual perception. Each 9"x12" board has 10 removable pieces. From 3 years.

P752   Magnetic Fishing Game     $11.95   Add to cart
P774   Magnetic Towing Game     $11.95   Add to cart
P285   Magnetic Bugs Game     $11.95   Add to cart
P224   Set of all 3     $34.95   Add to cart
Multi-Solution Puzzles

Larger image

Multi-Solution Puzzles

There's no wrong way to complete these Multi-Solution Puzzles! Many of the pieces can fit together and into the puzzle board in multiple ways, allowing for creative solutions and reducing frustration. 10" sq. From 2 years.

P850   Bug     $19.95   Add to cart
P427   Robot     $19.95   Add to cart
P392   Flower     $19.95   Add to cart
P523   Set of all 3     $58.95   Add to cart
Classic Peg Puzzles

Larger image

Classic Peg Puzzles

Detailed, brightly colored pictures in familiar themes. These puzzles help children to group like items and expand their vocabulary. Each puzzle piece has a peg in the center for easy grasping. Matching full color pictures beneath each piece. 12"x 8". From 18 months.

P075   Playboard     $11.95   Add to cart
P596   Zoo Animals     $11.95   Add to cart
P987   Vehicles     $11.95   Add to cart
P329   Farm     $11.95   Add to cart
P143   Transportation     $11.95   Add to cart
P632   Set of all 5     $58.95   Add to cart
Animal Photo Peg Puzzles

Larger image

Animal Photo Peg Puzzles

Wooden peg puzzles with beautiful animal photos. There are no pictures underneath the pieces, making these puzzles more challenging for kids. Each puzzle has 6 to 9 pieces. 12"x9.5". From 3 years.

P136   Rooster (6 pcs.)     $10.95   Add to cart
P337   Horse (8 pcs.)     $10.95   Add to cart
P384   Zebra (8 pcs.)     $10.95   Add to cart
P681   Donkey (8 pcs.)     $10.95   Add to cart
P242   Peacock (9 pcs.)     $10.95   Add to cart
P487   Set of all 5     $49.95   Add to cart
Outlined Wooden Jigsaws

Larger image

Outlined Wooden Jigsaws

A single large image has been divided into 14 pieces. The puzzle board provides one clue to help complete the puzzle. It shows black line outlines of each piece. These are great transitional puzzles for little ones who are ready for multiple piece puzzles but not quite ready to give up support from the board. Set of two includes Mighty Mixer and Busy Butterfly. 12"x 9". From 3 years.

P993   Set of 2     $27.95   Add to cart
Primary Puzzles

Larger image

Primary Puzzles

Big pieces for small hands! The big, chunky pieces of these colorful puzzles are easy to grasp. The pieces fit neatly into the frame and create familiar objects with only 5-7 pieces per puzzle. Putting the puzzles together is great for developing spatial awareness! The puzzle pieces can also be used independent of the frame as blocks. Puzzle frame is 6.5"x 6.5". From 2 years.

P024   Train     $12.95   Add to cart
P715   Tree     $12.95   Add to cart
P852   Boat     $12.95   Add to cart
P711   House     $12.95   Add to cart
P251   Set of all 4     $49.95   Add to cart
Four Shapes Puzzle

Larger image

Four Shapes Puzzle

Four chunky, wooden pieces are perfectly sized for toddlers' hands. Each piece has a thick peg in the same shape. The spaces in the base are painted in matching colors. Base is 11"x 3". From 12 months.

P084          $11.95   Add to cart
Three Shapes Puzzle

Larger image

Three Shapes Puzzle

A great puzzle for teaching three basic shapes. There are no color cues under the pieces, so the child must learn to identify the shapes to fit them into the appropriate spaces. Made of sturdy plastic. 12.5" x 5". From 12 months.

P660          $18.95   Add to cart
4-In-A-Box Puzzles

Larger image

4-In-A-Box Puzzles

Each of these sets contains 4 puzzles that progress from 2 pieces to 4, then 6, then 8, so children grow with the set as their fine motor and problem solving skills develop. Each 8-piece puzzle brings the characters from the other puzzles in the set together in one animated scene. The back of each puzzle piece has a number that identifies to which puzzle in the set it belongs. Made of sturdy cardboard. Each 8-piece puzzle is about 12.5" x 8.5". From 2 years.

P511   Farm Puzzle Set     $10.95   Add to cart
P362   Shapes Puzzle Set     $10.95   Add to cart
P666   123 Puzzle Set     $10.95   Add to cart
P399   ABC Puzzle Set     $10.95   Add to cart
P069   Set of all 4     $39.95   Add to cart
Two-Piece Puzzles

Larger image

Two-Piece Puzzles

These vibrantly colored first puzzles are fun for young children to put together, and simple enough to encourage success. Each set contains 6 two-piece puzzles made of sturdy cardboard. The big pieces are easy to manipulate. Each completed puzzle measures approx. 6"x 5". From 18 months.

P212   Pets (Set of 6 Puzzles)     $13.95   Add to cart
P851   Transport (Set of 6 Puzzles)     $13.95   Add to cart
P386   Farmyard (Set of 6 Puzzles)     $13.95   Add to cart
P603   Jungle (Set of 6 Puzzles)     $13.95   Add to cart
P430   Set of all 4 Sets     $53.95   Add to cart
Two-Piece Puzzles in a Tray

Larger image

Two-Piece Puzzles in a Tray

Six two-piece puzzles fit into the larger puzzle board in designated spaces. Each space is printed with a matching picture and the word for the animal. Bright, colorful, sturdy wooden pieces. Set of 2 includes Farm and Dinosaurs. Board is 12"x 9". Each two-piece puzzle is 3.5" square. From 18 months.

P724   Set of 2     $27.95   Add to cart
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