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Positioning for Play - Interactive Activities to Enhance Movement and Sensory Exploration

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Positioning for Play - Interactive Activities to Enhance Movement and Sensory Exploration

Use this collection of more than 70 reproducible activity sheets with parents of children birth to 3 years old who have developmental delays or who are at risk. The book helps you teach parents how to stimulate and develop motor skills with play activities that are part of the family's daily routine. This book is caregiver friendly, with clear illustrations and non-technical instructions.
• Activities are organized in the following developmental skill positions: Carrying child, Prone, Hands and knees/crawling, Kneeling, Walking, Supine, Side-lying, Sitting, Standing, and Transitions.
• Written by Rachel B. Diamant, M.S., OTR. Spiral bound, 225 pages, 2010.

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Learning in Motion - Practical Strategies to Increase Learning and Development

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Learning in Motion - Practical Strategies to Increase Learning and Development

Includes over 100 theme-based activities, appropriate for ages 3 to 9, that were designed by therapists with over 15 years of experience working with young children. Organized by months of the year, it's easy to find appropriate therapeutic activities that reinforce the lesson topic of the day. Features lesson plans with goals, approximate time to complete, materials needed, objectives, detailed procedures, adaptations for those with special needs, and suggestions for multilevel instruction. Letters home explain the rationale for each activity and how parents or caregivers can reinforce the lessons. Indispensable for school-based therapists and teachers!
• Contents: Theories of Motor Development, Activity Goals, Activity Goal Descriptions, Monthly Activities and Parent Letters, Appendix: Activity Subjects for Letters of the Alphabet, Adaptations, Recipe Section.
• Written by Patricia Andermeier, OTR, BCP, Joan Kryzanowski, MS, OTR, BCP and Kristina Keller Moir, OTR, BCP. Paperback, 392 pages, 1998.

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A Moving Child is a Learning Child

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A Moving Child is a Learning Child

Written in an engaging, down-to-earth style, this book connects the dots that link brain activity, motor and sensory development, movement, and early learning. The authors unveil the Kinetic Scale: a visual map of the active learning needs of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and primary graders that fits each child's individual timetable.
• Teachers and caregivers will find a wealth of information, actionable tips, and games they can use to support children's healthy development - all presented in a lively, full-color format with demonstrative diagrams and photos. A final section offers easy-to-implement "Smart Steps at Play" activities geared to the Kinetic Scale.
• Downloadable digital content includes printable versions of charts, games, and activities from the book, a PowerPoint presentation for use in professional development, handouts and activities for parents, and bonus "Smart Steps at Play" activities.
• Grounded in best practices and current research, this book is both a hands-on resource for any classroom teacher, care provider or parent, and a great tool for coaches, mentors, and professional development trainers.
• Written by Gill Connell and Cheryl McCarthy. Paperback, 324 pages, 2014.

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The Preschool Scientist

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The Preschool Scientist

Children learn best through hands-on exploration, observation, and discovery. With more than 100 activities, The Preschool Scientist gives children the opportunity to actively engage, experiment, create, and discover the exciting world of science. Using a unique inquiry-based approach, these activities explore science through learning centers, integrating this important subject into the entire classroom.
• Each of the activities has "Keep it Simple" and "Add a Challenge" sections so teachers can adjust the difficulty to their unique classrooms.
• Organized by theme, chapters include: Alike and Different, Exploring Motion, Exploring Change, Exploring Tools, Working with Water, Light and Shadows, and Getting to Know Our World.
• Paperback, 256 pages, 2010.

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First Art for Toddlers and Twos

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First Art for Toddlers and Twos

Discover the natural curiosity and enthusiasm of toddlers and twos as they explore creative art experiences designed just for them. In this updated edition, you will find more than 75 art experiences, with lots of variations that add to the fun and tips for making the activities run smoothly. First Art for Toddlers and Twos starts children on a journey full of exploration and creativity!
• Paperback, 128 pages, 2012.

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Feeding and Nutrition for the Child with Special Needs - Handouts for Parents

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Feeding and Nutrition for the Child with Special Needs - Handouts for Parents

This comprehensive manual will help you design home treatment programs to address feeding and nutrition concerns. The 195 reproducible handouts will guide parents of infants and children in implementing therapeutic programs. Illustrations reinforce demonstration of techniques, and the step-by-step instructions are easy to understand. Customize recommendations by adding individual information in the special instructions section provided in each handout.
• Handouts are organized into these chapters: Nutrition guidelines, Breast and bottle feeding, Introducing foods from a spoon, Independent feeding, Cup and straw drinking, Oral-motor treatment strategies, Nutrition treatment strategies, Conditions affecting feeding and nutrition, Tube feedings, and Family mealtime interactions and communication.
• Written by Marsha Dunn Klein, M.Ed., OTR/L, and Tracy A. Delaney, Ph.D., RD. Paperback, 601 pages.

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Wiggle, Squiggle, Giggle & Learn! An Active Learning Resource Connecting Early Childhood Professionals with Families

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Wiggle, Squiggle, Giggle & Learn! An Active Learning Resource Connecting Early Childhood Professionals with Families

This book is packed with active-learning ideas that require little preparation time and use everyday materials. The games and activities focus on creativity and fun while simultaneously fostering the development of gross and fine motor skills, language, and cognition. Activities are organized as handouts, so you can easily share them with families. Included is a cross-reference chart targeting specific skills and a CD that contains handouts and documentation forms.
• Written by Noelle B. Berry, MSEd, OTR, and Norma Brought, PT. Spiralbound, 125 pages, 2010.

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Games to Play with Two Year Olds

This wonderful book offers fun-filled collections of hundreds of games that foster language development, listening, coordination, problem-solving skills, imagination, confidence, dexterity and more. In plain, jargon-free language, the author describes how to use everyday activities to nurture and stimulate the development of babies, toddlers and two year olds.
• A great resource to share with caregivers. Each page describes a single activity, so you can easily photocopy only the activities that are appropriate for a specific child.
• Written by Jackie Silberg, an award-winning author, a teacher, and popular keynote speaker.

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The Complete Resource Book Series

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The Complete Resource Book Series

The Complete Resource Book Series offers hundreds of experiences and activities that maximize learning and development in the areas of language, physical, social- emotional, and cognitive growth. Children explore a variety of skills and concepts through stories, music, art, and more. Detailed appendices offer easy reference to helpful tools such as songs, games, recipes, sign language illustrations, and puppet patterns. Packed with ideas and activities, each of these books is a "must have" for preschool or day care teachers, and anyone who is interested in activity ideas for children ages birth to five.
The Complete Resource Book for Infants: Over 700 Experiences for children from birth to 18 months. Contents: Language development - connecting with the world, Social/emotional development - becoming a social being, Physical development - moving and exploring, Cognitive development - making sense of the world. Written by Pam Schiller, Ph.D. Paperback, 272 pages, 2005.
The Complete Resource Book for Toddlers and Twos: Over 2,000 ideas and activities for children from 18 to 36 months. Contents: Physical me (body parts), Which one? (words that describe), Who or what is where? (spatial concepts), Sing a song of opposites, Nursery rhymes, Favorite songs, Favorite stories, Seasons, Celebrations. Written by Pam Schiller, Ph.D. Paperback, 576 pages, 2003.
The Complete Resource Book for Preschoolers: Over 2,000 ideas and activities for children ages 3 to 5 years. Each daily plan is organized around a theme and contains: circle time activities, music and movement activities, suggested books, learning center ideas in areas such as fine motor, art, cooking, and more. Written by Pam Schiller, Ph.D., and Kay Hastings, Ph.D. Paperback, 463 pages, 1998.

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Practical Strategies for Elementary School Inclusion

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Practical Strategies for Elementary School Inclusion

Teachers of inclusion classes in elementary schools see students with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. It can be a formidable task to establish a safe, encouraging learning environment that will have a positive impact on all students. Many teachers feel uncertain about their ability to teach effectively while meeting the needs of the child who exhibits challenging behaviors. The inclusion teacher faces the additional challenge of establishing a productive, dynamic relationship with a co-teacher.
• Author June Stride is a veteran special educator who writes candidly and insightfully from her experience as teacher and department head. In this book she examines the implications and expressions of an inclusionary system and provides practical strategies, tips and reproducibles to help you make it work in your district for students and staff alike.
• Contents: What is inclusion?, Getting started, Enhancing your support for inclusion, Preparing for inclusion, Achieving success with collaborative relationships, Developing an optimal learning environment, Modifying the curriculum, and Assessing inclusion students.
• Written by June Stride. Paperback, 191 pages, 2005.

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The Inclusive Learning Center Book  for Preschool Children with Special Needs

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The Inclusive Learning Center Book for Preschool Children with Special Needs

This book helps preschool teachers set up fun and challenging learning centers that include adaptations for children with a variety of special needs. Offering 31 centers, both traditional and unique, each one includes learning objectives, letters to parents, layout, vocabulary, props, activities, and literacy connections. Assessment and evaluation tools, complete with developmental milestones for preschool children, round out this book. Paperback, 320 pages, 2005.

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VHS: Down Syndrome - The First 18 Months

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VHS: Down Syndrome - The First 18 Months

A reassuring and realistic introduction to the unique joys and challenges that children with Down Syndrome bring to their families during the critical first 18 months of life. Will Schermerhorn was inspired to make this video after his son with Down Syndrome was born, and he and his wife saw the need for information that would comfort and empower. The video is filled with adorable images of babies with Down Syndrome, inspiring stories of parents, and practical information from leading Down Syndrome experts. This is an inspiring and educational VHS tape for parents who want to know more, and an excellent tool for support groups, medical professionals, and libraries. 108 minutes, 2004.

W328   VHS     $5.95  $32.95 Add to cart
Mighty Fine Motor Fun

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Mighty Fine Motor Fun

Fun activities to develop the fine motor skills preschoolers need for school success! This book provides teachers with the tools and information they need to teach fine motor skills to children ages 3 to 5. The activities are organized by age; they are useful and creative, but most important, they are fun! With few materials needed, the activities are perfect for both large and small groups and are easy to integrate into any curriculum.
• Written by Christy Isbell, Ph.D. OTR/L. Paperback, 140 pages, 2010.

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